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Workshop Kira Noire a Trento

2019-12-20 16:32

Ingrid Postai


Workshop Kira Noire a Trento

No non è un sogno! Per la prima volta a Trento arriva la fantastica Kira Noire per ben 5 fantastici workshop ♥


No non è un sogno! Per la prima volta a Trento arriva la fantastica Kira Noire per ben 5 fantastici workshop ♥

PROGRAMMA:SABATO 14 MARZO - dalle 13.00 alle 14.30 - costo 75€SPINNING POLE COMBOS:This class is about beautiful tricks, shapes, spins and transitions on spinning pole. We will learn how to use the dynamics and rotation, how to climb beautifully and make nice combos.

SABATO 14 MARZO - dalle 15.00 alle 16.30 - costo 75€CRAZY RUSSIAN POLE:All about flips, kips, drops, crazy transitions and my favorite crazy combos. How to male dynamic, big, wide and impressive. But first of all how to make it safe and tssssssss how to make everything look .. hard =)

DOMENICA 15 MARZO - dalle 10.00 alle 11.30 - costo 75€

My signature pole choreography on heels. Wide dynamic movements, cool transitions, speed, amplitude, sharp accents, kips and drops. And all it precisely with the music. Hit the beat and blow their minds!

DOMENICA 15 MARZO - dalle 12.00 alle 13.30 - costo 75€FLEXY POLE:This Class is about using a flexibility on pole. We will learn some interesting splits and backbends, and try different ways of going in and out. I will explain how to make your lines look better, how to open splits more on pole, how to hide your weak sides and even how to cheat somewhere.

DOMENICA 15 MARZO - dalle 15.00 alle 17.00 - costo 75€STRETCHING FOR THIGHT MUSCLES:This two-hour programm of streatching was made for my tight muscles. I’m not naturally endy, so I know how it feels to struggle with splits and backbends. I want to share with you how I work on my flexibility.We will work gradually through all parts of back, shoulders, hips, legs, knees and toes. Special attention will be paid to the joints mobility and active flexibility.This is my way to stretch my body I was collecting by pieces. I always search for new approaches and exercises to complete my technique and make it more and more natural, healthy and efficient for my body.

Pacchetti:3 WS = 200€

5 WS = 330€

Per partecipare ai workshop è necessario effettuare la propria prenotazione via e-mail all’indirizzo Vi verranno indicati gli estremi per effettuare il pagamento in anticipo. Il posto verrà confermato solo al ricevimento del pagamento.

Attenzione:- Non si accettano prenotazioni pervenute via messaggio, utilizzare esclusivamente la mail in modo da garantire una precedenza.- I posti al workshop sono limitati- In caso di impossibilità a partecipare, il workshop non è rimborsabile.